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The problems faced by students in this study was the difficulty of students in writing summaries in the explanatory text, resulting in low student activity and learning outcomes or did not meet the predetermined Minimum Completeness Criteria (KKM) which is 70. This study aims to describe the activities of teachers and students and analyze learning outcomes using a combination of CIRC, TSTS, NHT models. This research method uses qualitative research. This research is a Classroom Action Research by applying a qualitative and quantitative research approach which is carried out in 2 cycles with a total of 4 meetings. There are steps in this research, namely: planning, implementing, observing, and reflecting. The results of this study indicate that: (1) teacher activity in the first cycle scored 20 in the good category and the second cycle increased to 27 in the very good category. (2) student activity in the first cycle was 61.60% in the moderately active category and the second cycle increased to 92 % in the very active category. (3) learning outcomes in the first cycle, the mastery value reached 56.25% and the second cycle the student's mastery value increased to 100%.

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